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ACP works to publish historical and academic books on the subject of Jerusalem and what has been written about it in the past as a human civilization center, and works on the cultural link between Turkey and the Arab world through an ambitious translation program based on translating the most important Turkish books into Arabic,

ACP  believes in the importance of publishing in all kinds of electronic and  traditional

so the company is ready to publish books of all kinds

 The company specializes in books that can be considered as references to researchers and academics with regard to Turkish and Arab history.

The translation program includes:

 - The publication of what foreign travelers wrote about Jerusalem in the past centuries, and the translation of parts of those ancient books, which are considered a masterpiece and a historical document on the conditions of Jerusalem in that period before the nineteenth century

 Publication of books on Jerusalem and the Ottomans in the early period of the Ottoman Empire This period has not been written much about Jerusalem and the Arab world,

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